Baby Raven Reads

SHI’s Baby Raven Reads series offers culturally-based books for children up to age 5 and includes stunning place-based illustrations. SHI's Baby Raven Reads literacy program was named a Library of Congress Literacy Awards Best Practice Honoree, one of 15 programs in the world to receive the honor in 2017.

Tlingit Oral Literature

This award-winning book series was compiled and edited by Nora Marks and Richard Dauenhauer over decades and published by SHI and the University of Washington Press. These are must-have volumes for anyone studying Tlingit cultures. Titles include Haa Shuka, Our Ancestors: Tlingit Oral Narratives; Haa Tuwunáagu Yís, for Healing Our Spirit; Haa Kusteeyí, Our Culture: Tlingit Life Stories; and Anóoshi Lingít Aaní Ká: Russians in Tlingit America.

Box of Knowledge

SHI’s Box of Knowledge series consists of essays, reports, and books that the institute considers should be made available as a contribution to studies on Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian cultures, history, and languages. They are based on work carried out by researchers working in collaboration with SHI, contributions prepared by external experts, and work by staff.

Art Books and Other

Learn to carve using SHI’s Tlingit Wood Carving series. This section includes other books, such as SHI’s Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian place-names book and a photo book of SHI’s biennial Celebration.

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