Daaljíni (Mary Folletti) Cruise is Yanwaasháa from G̱ooch Hít. Her family comes from both Jilḵáat Ḵwáan and Shawkʼushé (Dalton Post, Yukon, Canada). Her father's people and her in-laws are Lʼuknáx.ádi, and her grandfatherʼs people are ̱G̱aanaxteidí.̱ She carries a Shangukeidí name given to her by Kingeestí, which is Xuxʼaawdu.oo, and a Dankʼé name, which is Kasenleiyaa. Daaljíni currently works for Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska as the Lead Instructor and Child Care Administrator for Haa Yoo X̱ʼatángi Kúdi (Our Language Nest), which is a preschool program in which all instruction is carried out in the Tlingit language. Daaljíni has three children, Ḵindzéi, Shaanákʼw Saayí, and Ḵaaltí, all of whom are traveling on a language journey with her. Her family resides in Juneau (Dzántikʼihéeni), and she thoroughly enjoys being a part of the language and cultural community.