How the Raven Stole the Sun

The book, How Raven Stole the Sun is one version of how light was brought to the world. Listening to this story is necessary before introducing other activities in the unit. Viewing a video version of the story provides opportunities for comparison activities. Guided reading (for older students), retelling the story, studying the setting and writing additional "Raven as Trickster" stories are also part of the unit.

The Woman Who Lived With the Bears

The book, The Girl Who Lived with the Bears, retold by Barbara Diamond Goldin, forms the basis for this literature unit. Listening to the story, as read from the book and/or as told by a storyteller, provides the knowledge needed to complete other activities in the rest of the unit.

The Road to ANCSA: Creation Story How Raven Stole the Sun (Box of Daylight): Unit 1: Grade 6

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Relationship with the Environment How Raven Stole the Sun by Maria Williams, published by the National Museum of the American Indian Haida Creation Story adapted from Memoir of the American Museum of Natural History, volume X, book II—Haida Texts—Masset Dialect. By John R. Swanton, 1908, p. 307-31 Yup’ik Creation Story from In The Beginning— Creation Stories from Around the World, Virginia Hamilton, 2007 Yuma Creation Story from Geoglyphs, Rock Alignments, and Ground Figures, Gerald A Smith, UCLA Insitute of Archaeology, Los Angeles, 1983

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