Social Studies: Middle School


The Native peoples of Southeast Alaska migrated to their present-day homelands via a variety of routes. This included overland and coastal routes. The areas settled by the Tlingits became their kwáans. The inland Tlingit are found in the Yukon Territory of Canada. The Haida and Tsimshian both arrived in Southeast Alaska long after the initial arrival of the Tlingit. The Haida migrated to the southern areas of Prince of Wales Island and the Tsimshian to Annette Island, near Ketchikan.

Personal Names:
  • Linda Belarde
  • Kathy Dye
  • Donald Gregory
  • Robert Davis Hoffmann
  • Marsha Hotch
  • Jordan Lachler
  • Jim MacDiarmid
  • Michael Obert
  • Rosita Worl