Social Studies: Middle School


The Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian peoples of Southeast Alaska traded amongst themselves. They traded with tribes to the south and north. Many of them made long journeys over rugged mountains and rivers. People traded with others that they trusted and liked. The traders would form partnerships that lasted many years. During this time, people would visit with each other’s families. The would learn some of each other’s language. People exchanged goods up to three times a year. They would meet in places or villages that they had agreed on during their last trading trip. Sometimes it was difficult to decide the value of the goods. The value of goods changed often.

Personal Names:
  • Linda Belarde
  • Kathy Dye
  • Donald Gregory
  • Robert Davis Hoffmann
  • Marsha Hotch
  • Jordan Lachler
  • Jim MacDiarmid
  • Michael Obert
  • Rosita Worl